TheDevWiki was formed to allow developers to document any thing related to development.

Why another Wiki?

Some sites only specialize in one form of development (e.g., Microsoft, PHP, Java). And those are great resources and should definitely be referenced when possible and relevant. But if you're like me, you work in various technologies and sometimes don't want to jump from site to site. For example, when working with PHP or .Net, what if you wanted to deploy Hudson (a Java technology) to do automated builds or testing? Simple instructions to do this would be helpful for the "non-Java" developer not accustomed to setting up Hudson.

Why register?

  • Contribute to The Dev Wiki
  • Future stuff for your credits.

What will this Wiki capture?

It is not intended to duplicate all of the documentation for a particular development tool or technology. The very basic commands or most often used commands would be nice to include. Most topics should contain links to their main documentation website so advanced commands or tasks can be executed. For example, if your favorite command includes 12 different options, it is best to write the wiki with the most commonly used command, and then link to the main documentation page containing the various options.